WSL Testing Infrastructure Development

The project will involve development of a testing infrastructure that will measure fallout due to changes made to the source code including individual header files. You may take a look at the source at;a=summary and clone it with ``git clone git:// The requirements will be that any tools used for the infrastructure must be able to be built with the GCC compiler as delivered by at Our MSYS package which provides a minimal POSIX system may be used to help aid the process. As you know the Windows API is large and this project will take time; I expect that an approach to the task will be to test the more general use first working toward a more finite use. Documentation needs to be developed so that any new functionality added to the code can be added to the testing infrastructure in a copacetic manner. Some testing exists already but is not of the standard I would expect of a robust testing infrastructure.

The project uses autoconf but not automake nor libtool. There is a separate tests/ that is used to generate a Makefile during the configure process and the ``make check target is used to invoke the make process for the tests directory. Please take a look at the code in the repository and work out a plan for the testing infrastructure. If you are interested in continuing I will add you to the mingw-dvlpr list for discussion of your work and add SF account to the list of developers for

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