A new version of GCC or library X is available and I can't wait to use it; when will a prebuilt package be ready for download?

We are all busy people with priorities to fulfill including hobbies. MinGW is just a hobby that often is trumped by other things in life. It will happen when we feel like it or when someone does it for us and not before.

You can help yourself and others; that's how open source works and that's why it's open. You can:

  • Try to build it yourself from source, maybe using MSYS;
  • Google for any error messages that you encounter, as someone may have found and fixed them already;
  • Discuss any problems that you encounter on the mingw-users mailing list;
  • Submit any changes and patches to the original project developers for inclusion.

Pestering us on the mailing list is unlikely to do anything other than get you flamed, and people will waste time flaming you that would better be spent on actually doing the thing that you asked for. So please don't ask.

This wiki is not a forum for discussion of usage issues. Please use the list instead. We do not allow creation of comments by anonymous or untrusted users, on any page.
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