MSYS with MinGW


  • Can I mix MSYS executables and other executables?
    • NO! Avoid that at all costs.
      • You may install the MinGW and MSYS packages anywhere on your filesystem, even nesting one within the other (creating a "mingw" subdirectory beneath your "msys" directory, for instance). However, it is important to remember that NO executables other than what ships with MSYS should be placed in the MSYS " bin" subdirectory. Therefore, do not attempt to "merge" the two packages.
      • Notice that the order of subdirectories in your PATH becomes significant after you add MSYS to Windows. The MSYS "bin" subdirectory redefines DOS command line verbs such as "find", if you place it in your PATH ahead of the %windir%\system32\ subdirectory.

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