Linking hangs under Windows 7

In rare occasions ld.exe may hang during the linking stage of the compilation. This problem is confirmed under both 32 and 64 bit Windows 7. It is unknown if the problem is present under Windows Vista. Windows XP is immune.

For the end-user the linking never finishes and the hard drive experiences high activity. ld.exe uses 0% CPU usage and can't be killed. Logging out and in doesn't help either - the process is not shown in Task Manager after logging in, but more advanced process managers show its presence. Unusual side effect is that ld.exe tries to write to the resulting .exe file with the maximum throughput of the machine. However, the file doesn't grow, because ld.exe enters a loop and writes the same data over and over again at the same offset.

Current stack trace shows a problem, related to a Windows kernel filesystem function, but the cause is uncertain. The problem is currently investigated, but appears only if the used filesystem is NTFS.

Creating a small partition in FAT32 to store your source tree is known to work around this problem.

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