HOWTO Build an MSYS Application

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Building an MSYS Application

  • Be sure you really need to build an MSYS Application rather than just a Windows Application.
  • config.guess and config.sub:

The first change you'll need to make is to the config.guess and config.sub unless you've obtained the source from the msys/packages CVS repository. That repository will have the changes already accomplished. Changing these files is a simple as copying the Cygwin sections and changing CYGWIN and cygwin to MSYS and msys respectfully.

  • __CYGWIN__:

The next change will be deciding whether any __CYGWIN__ specific coding is needed for __MSYS__. If yes then simply add the correct OR statements to the code.

  • MSYS Build Environment:

See the "HOWTO Create an MSYS Build Environment" MinGWiki entry on how to enter into the MSYS build environment. You need to do this for the correct runtime headers and libraries.

  • configure:

You should now be able to configure the source and create a Makefile to build the application. Note that recent enhancements to Cygwin may cause the package to build appropriately for Cygwin and not for MSYS. If this is the case then you'll either need to change the application or the MSYS runtime. Note that the appropriate --prefix for an MSYS application is /usr unless the application is meant to support MSYS development only (e.g. GCC for MSYS) in which case the appropriate --prefix is /msys.

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