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Asking for Help

  • I can't find the answer to my question here; what can I do now?
    • The MinGW Project runs two mailing lists, to which you are encouraged to subscribe:
      • The MinGW-Users List for questions related to using, installing or configuring the MinGW distributed tool sets; this list is also now the preferred forum for discussion of MSYS issues.
      • The MinGW-MSYS List is an older forum for discussion of MSYS issues. This list is still active, but attracts a smaller audience than MinGW-Users; it is anticipated that it will eventually be discontinued, so you are strongly advised to use the MinGW-Users List instead.
    • If you can't find an answer here, or by searching the archives of these lists, then please subscribe and ask.
  • I notice there is also a MinGW-Dvlpr list; can I use this to pose questions directly to the MinGW Developers?
    • NO! The MinGW-Dvlpr List is a private list, for discussion among bona-fide MinGW Developers only. The only way to join this list is to apply to become a MinGW Developer; we always refuse direct subscription requests to this list.
  • What about the other lists you manage?
    • These are mostly special purpose lists, of limited interest to general users. You are welcome to review their respective list information pages, if you think any may be of interest; however, you should consider these lists to be read-only, and never direct any mail to them.
  • When I send mail to the MinGW mailing list, my posts are rejected.
    • Have you subscribed to the list, to which you are trying to post? Are you posting from the address you subscribed?
    • To avoid SPAM, the mailing list accepts incoming messages from subscribed users only, and only from the address which they have specified when they subscribe. Please read more here.
  • When I look for information on the MinGW website, it appears to be hopelessly out of date.
    This is particularly true of the downloads page.
    • We used to have a website maintainer, but he is no longer active. We are exploring solutions, to hopefully improve the situation, but in the meantime, the website remains, regrettably, unmaintained. Much of the information presented there is stale.
      • The downloads page is a particular case in point. That used to be automatically updated, by means of a script running at four hourly intervals; (it was never hourly, as the page mistakenly claims). The update script relied on information appearing in a particular format on the main SourceForge Download Page. SourceForge redesigned that page layout; we updated the script to suit. SourceForge immediately changed the design again. We got tired of chasing the moving target. The download page at is no longer kept up to date; it may suggest otherwise, but it "speaks with forked tongue". Please ignore it, and go directly to the project download page at instead.

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