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MinGWiki Pages How to add or edit MinGWiki pages.
Getting Started What to get depending on your needs, where to get it, and how to install it properly.
Package Guide An explanation of the packages that make up MinGW: what they do, where to get them, and how to use and compile them.
FAQ Answers to questions related to compiling issues, installation problems, debugging tips and MinGW cautions. Some answers are expanded on more comprehensively in HOWTO articles.
HOWTO Comprehensive articles explaining specifics of compiling issues, installation problems, debugging tips, MinGW cautions and more.
Source Examples Community supplied source code examples.
Community Supplied Links Links to resources used by MinGW community members, such as tutorials, utilities and programs.
Unanswered Questions Please list here all questions that you would like documented by someone else.
Known Problems Read these before trying to debug that weird problem you might be experiencing.
Project Path What does the future hold for MinGW?

Project website: http://www.mingw.org

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