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I read this or that version is now available of my favorite tool and I can't wait to use it; when will a prebuild package of my favorite tool be ready for download?

We are all busy people with priorities to fulfill including hobbies. MinGW is just a hobby that often is trumped by other things in life. If your favorite package doesn't build off the shelf from source, and you don't have time to put into discovering the details of what patches are available from the project providing the source, or possibly using debugging techniques and providing the project owning the source a patch, then asking when a prebuild of the next version of your favorite package becomes available is offensive to those doing the work. The answer to when will it be available is "When the individual developer has time to work on debugging it, uploading it to the SF download server and you see it available in the file list!" Please don't ask for a better answer because there isn't one, and just reading the question takes from the time the developer has to work on the next release.

Sorry for the harsh tone,


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