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2012-03-27 16:45 by lmichaels

Updated with information where to currently find help on setting up a mingw cross-compiler.

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2009-12-07 13:43 by keith

Update package download URL to show all available versions

2009-07-29 08:56 by keith
2008-10-27 17:39 by mingwadmin
2008-10-27 17:36 by mingwadmin
2008-09-15 12:51 by keith

FIXME: what is the correct way to specify a link to an embedded anchor in another page; the 'other MinGW packages' link doesn't seem to work here. Also, how should the location of that anchor be specified, at its destination? And furthermore, how do I embed a comment to this effect, at the point where this FIXME applies, in the page source?

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