Revisions for HOWTO Build MinGW as a Cross Compiler for Win32 Development on GNU Linux (Obsolete Information)

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2009-01-19 16:23 by keithcurrent revision
2009-01-19 16:11 by keith
2008-10-27 17:42 by mingwadmin
2008-10-20 09:53 by keith

I had already fixed this once; maybe the SF server migration clobbered the page name: it should be "ObsoleteLinuxCrossMinGW", with `automatic alias' *disabled*, (otherwise the only reference which should exist, on page "LinuxCrossMinGW", will break). Most of my original text and formatting changes seem to have survived.

2008-09-15 16:08 by keith
2008-09-15 11:08 by keith
2008-09-15 09:18 by keith

Page withdrawn for general view; it provides only obsolete advice, and is littered with unsanctioned comments, relating to unsupported unofficial builds.

2008-08-08 21:43 by ka2

Started updating markup

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