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2011-11-30 19:59 by rogerdpack

add link to mingw-get

current revision
2011-04-13 09:00 by SteveChapel

remove unnecessary line break

2010-09-10 10:52 by ladis

Mention mingw-get, provide link to HOWTO Create an MSYS Build Environment.

2010-06-18 03:35 by SteveChapel

fix link to MSYS Core 1.0.11

2010-06-18 00:24 by SteveChapel

add back instructions about the HOME environment variable

2010-03-27 22:30 by cstrauss

Minor edit to section heading.

2010-03-27 21:58 by cstrauss

Removed the autotools build instructions from the "Using MSYS with MinGW" section.

2010-03-27 21:40 by cstrauss

MSYS has split into components. Update the install instructions to reflect this.

2010-03-27 20:34 by cstrauss

Fix missing first paragraph.

2009-07-23 02:54 by SteveChapel

fix link to MSYS Core

2009-07-23 02:48 by SteveChapel

try to fix some links

2009-07-22 13:01 by SteveChapel

update link to MSYS 1.0.11

2009-07-20 13:45 by jonY

csmake is now included with new MSYS.

2009-04-21 20:59 by mingwadmin
2009-04-09 12:18 by keith

FIXME: GNU autotools are irrelevant to subject matter

2009-01-21 21:02 by rogerdpack

Build autoconf, automake and libtool outside of source tree.

2008-09-09 00:26 by SteveChapel

add instruction to set HOME environment variable

2008-08-25 01:07 by jonY

Remove potentially confusing text for new users.

2008-08-08 19:19 by mingwadmin
2008-07-18 14:31 by jonY

Use generic download links and installer paths. Add some install instructions.

2008-03-08 03:06 by jonY

Remove link to MinGW, seems to break things.

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