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MinGW offers several mailing lists open for discussion on feedback, bug reports, and user help. Searchable on-line archives of the mailing lists also provide a very useful resource. Please subscribe to the mailing-lists before submitting a post; to avoid SPAM, anonymous mails are filtered. By subscribing, you can be sure your post will get through. Please read the Etiquette before posting; failure to respect it may reduce your chances of receiving a useful reply or may cause your account to become moderated.

Available Mailing Lists

MinGW-Users: This is the general mailing list for MinGW users. Archives of this list are available on gmane: gmane.comp.gnu.mingw.user. Please search the archives before posting as many common questions have already been answered.
MinGW-MSYS: This is the general mailing list for MSYS users. NOTICE: This list is now deprecated; further postings and/or subscription requests will be refused. It is recommended that all new queries be directed to the MinGW-users list, instead of using deprecated lists. Do note however, that archives of this list are available on gmane: gmane.comp.gnu.mingw.msys; please search them before posting, as many common questions have already been answered.
MinGW-Dvlpr: This is a private mailing list for MinGW developers. Archives of previous discussions are available on gmane: gmane.comp.gnu.mingw.devel.
MinGW-CVS: This is a notification list for cvs changes. Archives are available at SourceForge: mingw-cvs archives.
MinGW-Notify: This is a notification list for control changes. Archives are available on gmane: gmane.comp.gnu.mingw.announce so you can know what happened to a bug report or a patch, etc.


MinGW is an open source project, as such people are dedicating their spare time to the goals and development of the project, please keep that in mind when posting.
When posting, the following commonly accepted guidelines are strongly encouraged. Failure to follow these guidelines will cause your postings to be ignored by many knowledgeable people and repeated offenses will cause your account to become moderated.

  • The language of the lists is English; if you post in any foreign language, you are most unlikely to receive any reply.
  • Do search the mailing list archives before posting, (see the gmane links, associated with each of the lists above); many questions have already been asked and answered.
  • Do use a meaningful subject line. A subject line should include a pertinent few words summarizing the subject of the email; (when one replies to emails, one should always make certain the subject line of the email is still relevant to the reply). In particular, if you receive list mail in digest format, do always set the subject back to the original text, from the message to which you are replying. Do not reply with a subject of "Re: MinGW-??? Digest no. ???"; such replies are prime candidates for deletion, without being read.
  • Do post in a MIME format with "Content-Type: text/plain". Do not post as HTML, or in any other MIME format, (and in particular, do not use multi-part MIME, with plain text duplicated as HTML); some list subscribers are unable to, or choose not to read such mail, and will be unable or unwilling to answer you.
  • Do not post messages with very long lines of text; except when pasting screenshots, where line wrapping might lead to confusion, ensure that lines of running text are wrapped with hard line breaks, at a length of between 65 and 72 characters.
  • Do quote sections of the original text, and interleave your replies to individual points, below the relevant context. Do not top-post; (this treatise explains why top-posting is considered unacceptable).
  • Do trim out sections of the original mail, which are not required to establish the context of your reply. (Once more, this is particularly important when replying to mail received in digest form; do reply to one subject at a time, and do remove all content related to other subjects). Do not persistently recycle irrelevant junk, quoted from earlier messages in the thread.
  • Do not include "legal mumble" signatures. You are posting to a list that will be read by thousands of users, and anything you say will be archived in the public domain; in this context, such drivel in your signature is neither enforceable, nor meaningful.
  • Do not hijack an existing topic thread, when you wish to introduce an unrelated subject; (i.e. do not reply to an existing message, when your reply is unrelated to the original subject). When you want to introduce a new topic, plainly start a new thread, (i.e. a completely new message). Replying in an existing thread confuses mail readers and humans who are trying to participate in the original discussion; it is a sure way to irritate other subscribers, and will likely get you ignored, if not even black-listed.

Historical information on netiquette may be found in RFC-1855.

This article, (also available here), offers valuable advice on how to ask questions, in a manner most likely to elicit useful replies.

This wiki is not a forum for discussion of usage issues. Please use the list instead. We do not allow creation of comments by anonymous or untrusted users, on any page.
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