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Updated: 17 weeks 3 days ago

mingwrt-3.22 and w32api-3.18 released

2016, July 16 - 16:18

New releases of each of the above packages have been published; you may upgrade via the mingw-get GUI, or the mingw-get CLI, (after first performing a catalogue update), or manually, according to your preference.

These releases, (likely to be the last of the 3.x series, and the base for progression to 5.x), comprise primarily bug-fixes and a code base clean up; beyond this, the following features have been added:

  • Platform identification macros, which previously supported only equivalence mapping to Microsoft's _M_IX86, have been extended to include mappings to Microsoft's equivalents for more recent Intel processors.

  • Host version specification, based on the NTDDI_VERSION macro, has been back-ported from the (now defunct) w32api-4.x implementation. Unlike Microsoft's (apparently) inadequately engineered variant of this,'s implementation will automatically synchronize between NTDDI_VERSION and _WIN32_WINNT, thus relieving the user of the onus for specifying both.

  • Symbolic naming for MSVCRT.DLL vs. its non-free derivatives has been introduced.

  • The MemoryBarrier() macro has been back-ported from w32api-4.x, and modified to introduce the appropriate GCC intrinsic function, or equivalent assembly code, strictly inline; (the w32api-4.x implementation was broken, in terms of both intrinsic selection and fall-back assembly code).

  • The printf() replacement functions, (as selected when compiling with -ansi, -posix, or any -std=... option which enables __STRICT_ANSI__, or when any of the _GNU_SOURCE, _BSD_SOURCE, _XOPEN_SOURCE, or _POSIX_C_SOURCE feature test macros is defined before including any system header file), now supports POSIX standard "%n$*m$..." positional argument format specifications.

For full details of all changes, since previous releases, see:

Please report bugs, as instructed at:

MSYS runtime 1.0.19 released

2016, July 15 - 19:55

Dear MinGW / MSYS users,

The latest MSYS runtime, version 1.0.19, is now available.
You can upgrade using the mingw-get GUI as usual, but be advised to close all MSYS processes first.

New feature:

  • Generate /etc/fstab automatically in post-install.
    1) /etc/fstab is created if absent, with the correct mapping of the /mingw mount point.
    2) If /etc/fstab is present, it is not touched, but you can consult /etc/fstab.sample for a suggestion of a /mingw mount line.

This will help new users find the MinGW gcc compiler in the MinGW Shell PATH (bash console), right after a new MSYS installation.

Bug fix:

  • Correct a bug with pipe handling that affected parallel MSYS make
    ("make -jN", issue #1950).

This fixes a regression 1.0.17 -> 1.0.18. However, I still experience randoms hangs, even with 1.0.17, so it appears there still more work to be done.

Have fun!

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