Joining the MinGW Development Team

So, you think you'd like to participate in discussions on the MinGW-Dvlpr mailing list? This presumably implies that you have an interest in MinGW development issues, and would be interested in joining the MinGW Development Team.

In fact, MinGW-Dvlpr is a private mailing list, exclusively for the use of MinGW Project Administrators and members of the MinGW Development Team, and specifically as a forum where they can discuss project development issues. Subscription is strictly restricted to the project administrators, and to bona-fide Mingw Developers. If you are interested in actively participating in MinGW development, then please read on; if, on the other hand, you are mostly interested in just learning the Developers' perspective on some MinGW or MSYS related topic, then please subscribe to the MinGW-Users List or the MinGW-MSYS List, and ask your questions there.

So, still interested in joining? Please do not attempt to subscribe to the MinGW-Dvlpr list directly; your subscription request will surely be refused! Instead, you should apply by email, to You will need to have a SourceForge user account, for which you must state your user name, give a brief resume of your experience,and explain how you would like to contribute to MinGW development; the Project Administrator will then automatically subscribe you to the MinGW-Dvlpr list, on your successful enrolment as a MinGW Developer.

Please note that once you have joined as a developer you are expected to remain subscribed to the developer mailing list, (which should not present you with any problem, because it is very low volume). If you still wish to use an alternate method to access developer email (e.g. Gmane) then please let us know.

Do note that you may contribute to MinGW development, simply by submitting patches; you do not need to be formally enrolled as a MinGW Developer to do this. However, if you adopt this approach, and feel that you would like to be recognised as involved with the development on a more formal basis, then by all means please ask to be considered for enrolment.

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